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A strong copy editor is your secret weapon in the content and copy wars of the informational age. Poorly written content reflects badly on your brand and derails your message and momentum. I am your ultimate quality control, trained to interrogate your copy, style and visual presentation so your final product does its job.

As an outsourced editor, I'm not subject to the influence of your organisation's culture or your industry bubble, meaning I can fix irrelevant jargon, ambiguity, politically incorrect phrasing, copyright issues, misleading or mislabelled information, bias, blindspots and even potential libel. A solid document edit will analyse readability, linguistic choices, factual accuracy, accessibility, credibility, quality and impact.


Whether you need a light touch or a heavy edit, I will make suggestions to refine and elevate your copy to create the most professional and powerful version of your content for your audience.


Proofreading is the final process a document or asset should go through before printing, publication or dissemination. Proofreading can only take place when the copy is laid out in its final form; whether that's in a brochure, report, manual, blog, newsletter or on a website. The copy will have (ideally) been edited before it reaches this stage. Proofreading will fix any missed spelling and punctuation mistakes, typos, inconsistencies in layout and typography, awkward page or word breaks and formatting issues created when copy is dropped into a template or laid out within a design. Proofreading takes a superficial view of your copy, looking only for errors in presentation, not content.

If you have a well-edited piece of content presented in its intended layout that just needs a final set of eyes before you send it out into the world, then this service is for you. If you're looking for someone to rework and refine your copy, please take a look at my copy editing services.

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Your website is your shopfront and will no doubt have taken a fair amount of blood, sweat and tears to bring to fruition. Once you've done the hard work of getting people there, you don't want to lose them to poor writing, broken links, unclear calls to action, inaccessibility or unintuitive navigation.


l will thoroughly interrogate your website to evaluate user journey and experience, check links, assess text and image layouts, recommend alt texts for images, and review how it loads and presents on most browsers and devices. Of course, I'll also conduct a thorough proofread. I usually don't work directly on your website's CMS; I will provide a detailed document for you to choose which recommendations you'd like to action.


The fast-paced nature of blogs and email newsletters means a lot of content being published and disseminated is riddled with errors, broken links and inconsistencies. This not only detracts from your messages, but it's also potentially damaging to your professional reputation and brand. If you want the peace of mind that your content is thoroughly edited and proofread in line with your house style, this is the service for you. For organisations booking on a regular basis, I offer a discounted package of support and a guarantee of availability.

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  • Audits, strategic documents and company reports

  • Policies, procedures and other HR collateral

  • Tenders, proposals, appeals and bids

  • Training manuals, product descriptions and instructional documentation

  • Corporate communications and presentations

  • School prospectuses, admissions documentation and parent communications

  • Booklets, leaflets and fact sheets

  • Marketing collateral, case studies and promotional materials

  • Websites, blogs and newsletters